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Olive Stone | Biomass

Hueso de aceituna seco y limpio

Save with our olive bone

At Agrade Biomass we offer high quality and high performance olive bone. The best you will find. Granulometry and humidity ideal for a perfect combustion of the boiler.
It's a reality: Buy our olive bone and save money on biofuel and maintain your boiler or stove.
It is a unique bone in the market thanks to its handmade manufacturing process with 4 screens.

Available formats:
- Pallet of 80 sacks,
- Big bag of a thousand kilos
- Bulk

olive bone dryer

The olive bone we offer is a highly ecological biomastic fuel that comes from the olives treated in the mills of Andalusia.
Once the different olive oils have been extracted, the bone undergoes a process of cleaning, calibration and drying, which produces an ideal biomass for use in boilers and biomass stoves, both industrial and domestic.

Big bag

Handmade manufacturing process with 4 screens


Due to the artisan process of 4 screens, you will obtain a perfect combustion, which guarantees a high profitability and a PCI calorific performance in b.s. of 4410 Kcal / kg. In addition, the Agrade bone helps reduce the pattern of cleaning and subsequent maintenance of the appliance. It is important that you know that your humidity index is 10% or even lower.
Its apparent density is 650 kg / m3.

Seriously, do not hesitate and use one of the most ecological and most important biomasses that exist in our country. Use the olive stone of Agrade Biomass.

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