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Olive Cake as a biomass - For energy production

Olive cake

Sale and distribution of olive cake wholesale.
The best quality and the best price you will find. Factory direct product. Origin Spain.

Prices of olive cake wholesale

Also FOB price Sevilla or Málaga, Spain. 

Olive Cake as a Biomass Fuel for Energy Production. Is a by-product of olive oil production and is a solid material consisting of the fleshy parts of olive. Specifically, the orujillo (olive cake) is the by-product that is produced in the extractors as a result of the process of drying and extracting oil from the fatty marc.

Some technical data of the olive cake

Hight calorific value: (PCS) 4.821 kcal./Kg. and (PCI) 4437 kcl./kg.
Ashes: 9,65
Moisture: 14,78%.
Apparent density: 642 kg/m3

Also pelletized
6- 8 - 10 mm of Diameter - 30-40 mm long
Stowage factor pelletized olive cake 10 mm: 1,41